Steve Count the greedy fat pig

Fridays Wisbech Standard had a most interesting front page.

Cambridgeshire County councillors have voted themselves a massive increase in their allowance, ordinary councillors will see their allowance go from £7933 to £10,233 a year and council leader, Steven Count (or should that be Cunt) goes from £15301 to a whopping £31,745.

Councillors (nor indeed any elected person) should not be paid or receive any sort of allowance or expenses. This is nothing more than brazen pigs at the trough and when the day of reckoning comes these greedy bastards will be dangling from the end of a rope.

As the council is Conservative controlled all the tories apart from one voted for this legalised theft and all the labour and lib den councillors voted against it. The other parties councillors will still receive the increases they only virtue signalled their opposition as they know the conservatives outnumber them and could easily push this through. If the other councillors were really against councillors allowances and the mega raise they would simply refuse to give the council their bank account details so the council would not be able to pay them but they haven’t done that, have they.

The one tory who abstained is Steve Tierney who I have mentioned here before. He certainly shows some level of understanding about this and he deserves praise for that. However, he only abstained and didn’t vote against it, not that his single vote would have made a difference to the outcome. The only reason he didn’t vote against is because all political parties (apart from UKIP, interestingly enough) use the whip system where if you go against the consensus they kick you out of the party and if Steve Tierney stood as an independent at the next election he would almost certainly lose his seat.

Stupid greedy bastard Steve Count tried to defend his position by claiming  that councillors were no longer able to partake in the local govt pension scheme. This farcical attempt at deceit clearly fails as councillors are not council workers but elected into their position.

Mentioning Gary Lineker the virtue signalling cunt gets you banned on twitter

Godfrey Elfwick tweeted these.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.26.06.png


The authorities at Twatter replied with,

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.27.46.png

Would Lineker be able to earn £1.7 million a year if he had to make his way in the free market instead of being able to access other peoples taxes.

Time to abolish the BBC.

The food bank fake news scam

Loony lefties will be all aghast at the increased use of food bank and whine that the govt should be doing more.

The reality is that the majority of food bank users are people who have had their taxpayer assistance messed up by the govt pen pushers.

Not sanctions, not stopping payment because they no longer meet the criteria, simple incompetence from the bureaucracy.

And the lefties want more govt bureaucracy, are they mad, no wonder ordinary people regard them as stupid idiots.

Work for the EPA and get punished

The law should apply to everyone.


Ordinary people have a duty to make this happen.

So when a govt agency, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does something wrong they should be treated in exactly the same way that the EPA treats others.

Unfortunately, the EPA thinks they should be above the law because after EPA workers accidentally caused a mine waste spill the EPA hasn’t paid out in the same way that they force other polluters to do.

Because of this everybody who still works for the EPA should be punished because everybody who now still works for the EPA are culpable.

Those that caused the spill need to be jailed for a long time and fined into poverty. Other ordinary EPA workers should lose their pensions and face a small fine, whilst those at the top should again, be imprisoned and fined .

What govt need to understand is that their power is fading and when people like me take over, and we will, we will have plenty of scores to settle.