The future is Trump

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Something very interesting is happening with US politics.

The Democrats have focused on identity politics and white people have got the message loud and clear.

White people are starting to vote as a bloc.

But they aren’t just voting Republican. They disregard RINO’s (Republican in name only) and only identify with Trump Republicans.

This is a social movement and as such it can’t be stopped. Politicians who want to be elected will have to keep up. Trump is moving the Overton window

The future is bright, the future is Trump.

I am in awe of how able and competent President Trump is turning out to be.


Liberal is the american version of socialist

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A real liberal in the classical liberal sense is a believer in small govt, low taxes and free market capitalism, i.e. pre First World War UK society.

American socialists call themselves “liberals” because they want to hide what they really are.

RIP Jerry Pournelle

Jerry Pournelle the science fiction author has passed away at the age of 84.

His notable books include Lucifers Hammer, The Mote in God’s Eye and Footfall.

A favorite concept from him was the Pournelle axis which taught me that most political commentary was blind to at least one dimension of the conflicting viewpoints and that its worthless to watch the news and political debates because no one actually discussing the actual reality.

In a lot ways Jerry Pournelle was an improved version of Robert Heinlein. Dr Pournelle was frankly a more developed thinker and he didn’t have a later period that needed to be swept under the carpet.

One thing I remember about his blog “Chaos Manor” was his perpetual reminder to “remember, despair is a sin,” and bending metal is better than paper studies (paraphrase of his extended observations on the X plane program(s))

He combined hard science with wonderful flights of fancy, and he was an actual “rocket scientist.”

Hollywood attacked by Rotten Tomatoes

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Hollywood, like all the old media is failing. Sales and profits continue to plummet year over year.

As such the Hollywood movie industry is resorting to a PR campaign and blaming the website “Rotten Tomatoes” for their downfall.

The reality is that movie theaters are expensive, dirty, crowded and unsafe. The cost of one movie night at the theater would almost pay for Netflix for an entire year, for the average family and Movie dates suck.

Also no one takes a creative risk. Movies follow tired old predictable formats and story lines. Actors generally are not people to look up to, or even envy these days; we are all sick of hearing about their ridiculous lives as well as them being a bunch of hypocritical cunts like Dicaprio preaching environmentalism while having a jetset lifestyle and Clooney welcoming immigrants but moving into a gated community so as not to interact with them. Film also have traditional gender roles and stereotypes that are mocked, downplayed and all but destroyed, causing revulsion in most people(men and women alike)

Interestingly, the “Rotten Tomatoes ” website is owned by two film studios, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros.

The reality is that the industry exists to serve the propaganda war. Hollywood is riddled with lefties who will only do stuff that follows their stupid little ideology. They know how to make films that appeal to an audience, they spend million on consumer panels and market research but they don’t want to listen to them.

But what is hindering them now is not their lack of knowledge – it is more their own political bias, their indoctrination into the cults of FEMINISM and CULTURAL MARXISM. The stories and their own perceptions of reality are so convoluted, that strong women, diversity, anti-male bashing, anti-Western bashing has to be included in it and it fucks up the very stories that good film-makers try to do.

But, as Prof Jordan Peterson so accurately describes, people are dying for meaning. And they would rather watch shitty youtube vids with actual substance about actually true ideas, rather than overproduced crap.

I for one welcome the demise of Hollywood as well as the rest of the old media.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.