RIP Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the physicist has died at the age of 76.

The sad thing about our society is that his death will only be talked about for a day or two. Yet when a Paul Walker, some Kardashian-type or princess shit-for-brains Di, dies, the whole world seems to go silly over it for weeks.

He outlined his theory that black holes emit “Hawking radiation” in 1974 and in 1979 became the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge – a post once held by Sir Isaac Newton.


Have they tried turning him off and on again?

No. Unfortunately, he was only turned on by black holes.


Fiona Pok Wong sues Anglia Ruskin University for mickey mouse degree

Silly foreigner Fiona Pok Wong went to Anglia Ruskin to study International Business Management.

Good, I have no sympathy, Anglia Ruskin was a third rate poly and International Business Management is clearly mickey mouse.

Clearly, we should get rid of at least half of all universities, free up the students to do something worthwhile instead, and let the academic staff find work at their local McDonalds.

Our entire system of cargo cult education is a monumental misallocation of resources based on perverse incentives created by government funny money and obsolete cultural perceptions about the value of a degree.

The fundamentally 19th century model of HE – hordes of people physically travelling to expensive urban locations just to hear somebody talk at them – is also overdue technological disruption. The OU got it right as far back as 1969.

There’s no good reason why students in 2018 can’t use digital collaboration platforms to learn from subject matter experts across the world.

Off course, we don’t want the courts compensating people for their own poor judgement so lets hope the silly cow loses just like the previous dozen or so attempts.


Punish a muslim day on April 3rd

A satirical letter about harming muslims has been sent to a few addresses the Daily Mail are reporting.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 21.00.46.png

Of course the Mail are going apeshit with outrage but when you consider that the authorities turned blind eye to over a thousand girls getting raped and killed in Telford by muslims then don’t be surprised if there is a backlash.

You see the problem with muslims coming over here is twofold. Firstly a lot of them have a low IQ and don’t view killing homosexuals and female genital mutilation as bad. Secondly, they bring their culture with them. They don’t take on a more civilised aspect when they move here, there is no such thing as magic soil, they bring the sort of thing they get up to in their home countries like raping white non believers and engaging in electoral fraud for example.

I don’t particularly want anything bad to happen to muslims, I just don’t want them and their practises in my country. They have their own countries they should go back to. I have no problem with the ones who mix in with everyone else and eat bacon and drink and support themselves and don’t believe in terrorists who blow themselves up but if they do these things then they aren’t really muslims are they.

As usual I will let my political enemies make the rules. MP’s have decided that retroactive legislation is OK.

Fair enough, all muslims should have their UK citizenship removed and be forced to go home. By force if necessary.

1000 points for burning a mosque. Saudi Arabia etc, don’t allow churches, why should we allow mosques.

Reinstating the death penalty

Many people are unhappy that the UK no longer has the death penalty for the heinous behaviour of the worst criminals.

As part of my continuing manifesto series I thought I would comment on this.

I would not bring back the death penalty, I don’t think it is a good idea for the state to be killing people.

There are three reasons for this.

  1. The state will make mistakes and even if a very high degree of certainty is required for execution this would be subject to change should the political climate require it.
  2.  Prison costs a lot of money, execution would cost the price of a bullet. Yes this is true but under my system those serving a life sentence would be shackled, have to break rocks and not get any of the niceties of life that prisoners currently get. The yearly cost would still be more than a bullet but nowhere near the current cost of about £30,000 a year.
  3. The regime would be very harsh, the prisoners will not like it and there will be no avoidance. The prisoners will suffer (good, if you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime). This will only affect those like child killers and terrorists and they deserve it.

More from crisis actor David Hogg

Loony tune crisis actor David Hogg has come up with a great idea.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 07.35.39

Did one of his handlers tell him to look serious?

Btw, thats his sister. He doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Does the armband remind you of anything?

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 07.47.22.png

Actor James Woods got to the crux of the matter.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 07.47.05

Following Woods savage response the original was taken down after less than an hour.

I wonder what Hoggs jewish classmates will think of this.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 07.47.41.png

Am I the only one thinking that Hogg LOOKS like the next school shooter? That bitchy, petulant, self-satisfied, “I’m gonna stomp my feet till you do what I TELL you to do” look!!

When you see things like this its easy to understand why the globalists et al. want to stifle free speech.

Real dissemination of ideas can take down lies at lightning speed now!!

I guess Hogg just loves hogging the limelight.